Deal with different learners

According to different learning styles, different learning styles have different acceptance strengths. For example, some learners are more likely to accept image learning. This is called a visual learner. Others prefer to learn through sound. This is called an audio learner. There is another kind of person who has to take notes to study. Multimedia interactive learning is an effective solution to this problem. Teachers are free to stimulate students’ interest in learning by setting different engaging teaching contents, which also meet the different requirements of different groups for learning. Multimedia learning is very inclusive, it can include video, text, audio, games, competitions, and so on.

The emphasis on multimedia learning

Multimedia learning focuses more on guiding students to learn independently, such as forming study groups where students learn how to discuss with each other and how to share what they have learned. Different students have different understandings of the same textbook. Having them discuss can help to change some students’ wrong understanding and learn some excellent understanding to speed up their learning process.

Multimedia learning – Unlimited address

The traditional teaching method has great limitations. It requires students to gather together. Multimedia learning can take the form of online teaching. As a result of the novel Coronavirus pandemic, there is a certain risk of student clusters, so multimedia interactive learning has become even more important.


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