What I am going to update and upgrade is my last dynamic poster made with Canvas. Through reading the suggestions given by my classmates, I have gained more understanding and research on multimedia. I found that my poster production was not very good. I decided to recreate it.

This is my old poster

I recreated the new poster

I didn’t change the overall background color of the poster significantly. Pink is the best color for ice cream because the main customers are children and women. I have absorbed and adopted Hengyu’s suggestions in the comments. The overall color of the previous poster is really not bright enough. Color psychology is a good illustration of how to use different colors to break through and arouse customers’ interest.

Then I modified the overall layout and the layout of small pendants inside to make the whole poster more compact and three-dimensional. I removed all the dynamic pendants because of the cost of the whole poster. Although dynamic posters can attract customers’ attention more, they also have great defects, such as reduced mobility. It can only be held in place by an electronic screen. The layout of the poster is a very important foundation for the whole poster.

Using the theory of cognitive load of learning in class, I modified the poster to be more concise. The superfluous text was removed and more images were added to make people think. In order to highlight the authenticity of the whole poster is to add real pictures as a reference. There is a limit to how much one person can absorb in a short period of time, so adding more pictures is a better option because pictures are easier to accept and understand.

I ended up adding my own QR code. In this more and more information age, I find the telephone as a bridge of communication is a very backward form. It makes it easier for people to connect posters to services. With the development of science and technology, people are always in pursuit of more convenience, so the use of TWO-DIMENSIONAL code can bring people a faster way to use, but also can make more customer groups more comfortable.

Although I didn’t actually run an ice cream shop, it was a good experiment and it will accumulate valuable experience for the work I choose to do next. This kind of learning and activity is very necessary because it is connected with real life.


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